Writing Advice: How to Write Right

How does one aspire to become a better writer?

English is a beautiful language, it is simply the most common language in the world, the sliding carbon atom that connects us all. This day in age, it is difficult to find someone that does not speak at least a word or two of English (lest they be living in some remote, rural, backward area). We are bombarded by English on an hourly basis during our daily chores and lives.

Writing in English is also equally, if not more, important.

One does not simply speak in English; they must think, laugh and scream in it as well. It is knowing the difference between saying “my arm hurts”, or “my arm is paining”. English is a lifestyle.

That's How We Roll

To some, the above indignation might seem laughable or even impossible. However, lets perceive some more common and slightly more difficult nuances that people have a very hard time with:

Accept vs Except

Waist vs Waste (believe it or not!)

Sight vs Site (I myself am guilty as charged of this one)

Or, more humorously for example:

Makes sense?

It is often difficult to distinguish the usage of some words over others, especially if said word was never “seen” before by the writer, only heard. How does one tell the difference in usage between the words oar, or & ore, if they have never read it and only heard it?

In order to be a good writer, one must first strive to be a good reader. And that means, read everything you can get your hands on, from science journals to beauty magazines, in order to expand your lexicon of vocabulary.

Proper grammar and spelling are key to good writing. No matter what medium one chooses to use, whether it be a Facebook status, a Twitter tweet or a blog post, care should be taken to avoid the small errors that question a writer’s ability and skill. A typo here or there can be forgone, even inane abbreviations, however improper sentence structure etc. is severely frowned upon.

How can you aspire to have people read your writings if you do not take the time to read through them initially yourself?

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