@xcitealghanim have ta great Service Center!

Now usually I don’t do this but uh…

We’re writing something good about something that happened in Kuwait!

No no, we usually do, I even go out of my way to send recommendations about employees that perform good service.

Anyhoo, my dad had bought me a rice cooker from Xcite. One fine day as I was transporting said rice cooker it fell to the ground and the area near the button got dented.



As the damage was self-inflicted, the “warranty” technically should not fly. I had considered just going out and buying a replacement so that my parents don’t find out I broke it, then I decided to bite the bullet and take the rice cooker to the service center (as I was simultaneously going for another item).

I get to the service center on Saturday morning and take two numbers – one for Mobiles and one for electronics. I hand in the rice cooker, the lady asks if I have the warranty, I told her as I dropped it, I don’t think the warranty would work (ever the Honest Abe), she asks for the mobile number through which the item was purchased, I gave it to her, she looks through her system and sure enough finds the item in my list of purchases.

She stamps the worksheet as “Warranty”, at first I thought it might be a mistake, so I left and waited for their call.

Sure enough, on Monday they contact me and say the item is ready.

I collected it yesterday and kept waiting for someone to ask me to pay something,, nobody did!

This is a great way to check for warranty, as opposed to requesting us to keep hold of the multiple paperwork involved in any purchase.

I have visited the Panasonic (i.e. BEST) service center several times, each time they request a “downpayment” for the technician to “meddle” with the device, just to have a look at it.

XCite, hope this is paving the way for your service center revolution, as currently the majority of complaints against you are regarding returns and what not’s.


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