You call it Vimto, I call it Ambrosia of the Immortals

Vimto, you GOTTA love it!
If you do not believe in Vimto, then you definately were not born and raised in Kuwait. Vimto is the single constant for Ramadan, asides from the spirituality of the holy month ofcourse!
What other beverage has price fluctuations as crazy as Vimto during Ramadan? Just watch the price tag ride the proverbial wave. Fights have literally errupted over the stuff…
Co-op staff beaten: An employee at the Farwaniya Cooperative Society sustained injuries in different parts of his body after an Egyptian customer beat him when he refused to give the latter more than four bottles of Vimto, reports Al-Anba daily.

Securitymen rushed to the cooperative society after receiving information on the incident. Preliminary investigations revealed the Egyptian came to purchase a carton of Vimto for Ramadan but the employee refused to give him more than four bottles allegedly due to shortage of supply. However, the Egyptian was infuriated when he saw the employee handing a carton of Vimto to a Kuwaiti, so he attacked the employee.

A case was registered and the Egyptian was referred to a nearby police station for the necessary legal action.

In fact, I have absolutely no clue why on earth all those Coca Cola ads on TV show people drinking Coke at Iftar. I have never seen nor heard of a single person that does that! I am not narrow minded, such individuals may exist, to them I say, wake up! Coke at Iftar?! Are you Insane?!

If I were to a producer shooting a movie about the Gods & Goddesses of Greek mythology, all the way up on Mount Olympus, trust me, they would be sipping Vimto for Ambrosia, the nectar of the gods!

Vimto makes the world a better place, so keep it coming!

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