You Cannot Prank an IT Guy!

Some people are just above practical jokes, however it is the way in which they crack these jokes that is most interesting.

We have all pulled the time honored classic prank of “dude-what-happened-to-your-phone” on friends who left their mobile phones lying somewhere and forgot where exactly. The usual order is a switching off of the phone and feigning a look of genuine concern as you ask said friend what happened to them, you are calling and they aren’t picking up.

Our IT guy forgot his phone in the office the other day. One of the cleaners gave it to me for safe keeping (as I am usually first in the office). I decided to play said prank on said IT guy (Tito).

His phone- a Samsung Galaxy SII. At first I tried to open it, he had one of those pattern locks on the front screen, I tried to recollect his whimsy movements but failed the first time, so I didn’t try again (I thought you needed to open the screen to close the phone down, otherwise I would have just old schooled the sucker and pulled the battery out).

Other colleagues showed up, and attempted to crack the pattern. All our efforts were fruitless.

Some time later, Tito showed up, all smiles. I waited till he was seated and started working to call him up and say, what gives, where were you yesterday? Why aren’t you picking up?

He goes, just give me one sec.

I walk over to his office to further toy with him, his phone in my pocket and in airplane mode i.e. he could not call it to hear it ring.

I thought I was pulling a fast one on him. Turns out, the joke was on me.  IT guys don’t need to call their phones to know where they are!

He asked me to hand over his phone, which was cleverly concealed in my pocket.

I was startled; wondering what gave me away!

I tried to deny it, he proceeds to show me a picture sent to his email, from earlier that morning, as I was attempting to jimmy his screen.


Yes. The phone had a very clever app in place to report unauthorized access attempts!

Technology has certainly come a far way from the days of the Nokia 3310! Now you can remotely access your phone from anywhere (provided it has 3G) and even send it “kill phrases” to clear the memory or lock it entirely, preventing anyone who should come into its possession without your knowledge from making any use of it.

Touche IT people.

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