You May As Well Be Driving Naked in Kuwait

Without a seatbelt in the Front seat, the title of this post is true, you may as well be driving naked.

As if that in itself were not problematic enough, you have certain individuals, both men and women, that drive with their children in their lap, or an unrestrained child in the front seat. It is discomforting, and thoroughly depressing, when you see such complete and utter disregard for the welfare of your own flesh and blood.

Road safety rules, which I once thought to be extremely simple and understandable, appear to be difficult concepts to grasp for some.

What happens when you sneeze? For a millisecond, you are blinded. It is in that infinitesimal period that an accident can occur, you could be blindsided by a reckless speeding motorist, you could lose control of the vehicle as it falls into a pothole, so many distractions can cause such disastrous consequences. Imagine the distraction of having a child in the front, or worse, on your lap, tugging at you, screaming, demanding attention, whilst your eyes are meant to be focused on the road and the road alone.

It has not become a strange sight to find a car packed to the brim with children, with a child sitting on the arm rest as well as the lap of the driver.

Where is the regard for safety?

Parents should know better, and the authorities must enforce a Zero Tolerance Policy in this regard.

And worse, how common has it become to find someone driving whilst checking their BBM for new messages, or sifting through contacts on their Smartphones? You can literally look into their cars and see that their eyes are focused not on the road, but on the device in the palm of their hand.

In the future, I will dedicate a post to the recurring problem of accidents in Kuwait, be on the look-out for a snazzy title.

( This Post is dedicated to you Mark, thanks for bringing the idea to my attention!)

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